Sometimes people want to belong to this exclusive group to gain sympathy or attention, so they call themselves an alcoholic. Or they like holding this title so others will show them compassion and forgive their behavior. I believe that his answer supports my own personal position that alcoholism is a choice. It is your choice to introduce that first drink into your body. What happens after that first drink is in your bloodstream is anybodies guess.

How do you stay sober longer?

  1. Stay Out of Risky Situations.
  2. Build a Support Network.
  3. Find a Peer Support Group.
  4. Manage Your Urges.
  5. Find an Activity That Means Something to You.
  6. Learn to Manage Stress.
  7. Learn to Relax.
  8. Manage Physical Pain.

My mom and dad only drank on holidays, and if they did drink, it was no more than one or two cocktails. I can‘t remember ever seeing my parents drunk. My dad didn’t come home from work and have a beer.

An essay on personal trauma.

Whether we’re drunks, drug addicts, whatever it is, we’re addicted. Reading books has helped keep my mind off of drinking, it has furthered my knowledge and has been helping me become a better person. Here’s a list of some books that I suggest reading.

being sober sucks

I watched nothing else, even after the channel’s programming looped and began again. The man on the right, sweating into his polo shirt, pronounced the drink “Whore-icane.” This was not intentional, merely a byproduct of his supremely altered state. The host, slightly tipsy herself, chortled.

About “Sober Sucks!” by fan-tee-see

You might find a perfect group for you and find that AA is just the right thing for you. The act of getting drunk hasn’t changed much in the past 4,000 years. However, over the past 80+ years there have been many programs and systems devised and presented as new or groundbreaking. My concepts aren’t new and I’m not brilliant. I won’t even claim to be in the upper percentile of smart.

Sobriety has enabled me to attack my flaws and life’s difficulties – to work on making the necessary changes and overcome them. Sobriety is helping me win many of the battles in life’s game. I am told that I am a freak of nature because after 32 years of regular, daily, heavy drinking – I sobered up. I sobered up by using my own sheer willpower, self discipline and an acceptance that living as an alcoholic is a choice.

Which album is the song Sucks Being Sober from?

It is a fact that other people, unforeseen circumstances and happenings affect our lives, but to steal a phrase, I believe that I reap what I’ve sown. Mark Tuschel presents alternative ideas to make the best out of living clean and sober. Expand your mind, expand your body, learn to enjoy life as a sober person. It’s normal to feel like the absolute worst person in the early days when you’re forced to deal with big emotions like guilt, shame, and regret. This research was done over a real long period of time and conducted on a whole bunch of people. If drinking is a problem in your life, then YOU will have to change YOUR drinking habits but you probably don’t have to change who you are.

  • A scientific study regarding the effects of alcohol on speech has been released by M.I.T. – Milwaukee Institute of Teachin.
  • I was constantly being reminded that I am weak, flawed, filled with defects, I’m a despicable person.
  • They were drunk, sure, but they weren’t drunks.
  • This audio version on is blog is just great.
  • They are the people that kept me motivated to become and stay sober.

I don’t care how YOU want to act or live your life. I care how I act and how I live my life. I have been completely sober (no relapses) for more than 7 years. Sobriety and the various methods to sobriety are NOT a contest.

I found her level of intoxication charming; his, the antithesis thereof. I knew, if I drank, I could never be her level of intoxicated. Now lying on the bed, I could being sober sucks see the wine out of the corner of my eye. Tired of staring at a defiant General Lee, I shifted my attention to it; soon it consumed my entire thought process.

being sober sucks

I don’t receive a royalty if your life improves. If you buy one of my books I may earn .70 cents. If you make a donation to my site it will help me defray the costs. I do this because it is my own self-expression and self-definition.

I grew up in Milwaukee, the beer capitol of the world. Drinking and getting drunk is part of the culture here. Festivals, bars, picnics, sporting events, even church festivals revolved around drinking beer.

My technique may work better for you than it did for me – I hope it does. Just the fact that you’re reading this and you’re willing to try something is a promising sign. I am not a trained therapist, I do not have any formal education with regard to substance and alcohol abuse. I only know what I was able to do for myself.